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Our Company

Montana Artistic Impressions, Inc.

History - Montana Artistic Impressions was founded in 1989 by Kip Zsupnik Sr. The goal is to provide quality personalized jewelry and porcelain art set in jewelry. Our porcelain products are based on the artwork of our in-house porcelain artists.

Porcelain Products - At M.A.I., Inc, we strive to constantly update our line and provide our customers with a wide variety of personalized products and jewelry. The original pieces of porcelain artwork were painted to scale. Each piece is then printed by using a multi-color process. The art prints are then applied to the finest porcelain available and kiln fired at approximately 1450 degrees. During the firing process, the mineral paints are actually fired into the glaze. This process ensures that the painting will not scratch or fade.

Other Products - We have expanded our selection of unique personalized products to include items made of leather, metal, ceramic and glass. These items have broadened our appeal to customers by providing unique high quality, customized products at the right price.

Merchandising - All our programs come with a custom fine wood display designed to sell the products and make re-ordering easy. Our displays can be ordered in colors to match your store theme. Special color will add 7-10 working days to the ship date.

Contact Information:
M.A.I, Inc.
115 Kurtz Lane
Hamilton, MT 59840

Phone: 406-961-3353
Fax: 406-961-0047